Saturday, April 16, 2011

Brother Productions Natural Born Heroes #02 Agent Miller

Been busy with work and a little bit of World Of Warcraft lately. But this figure from my recent haul has got to have a post for himself. It's Agent (Roy)Miller by Brother Productions. It's portrayed by Tom Cruise in the movie ' Knight and Day' an action comedy.
I pre ordered this guy the 1st time I saw him and how did it turn out?
Read on to find out.

The packaging for this figure is the typical market style black box with a picture pasted on the front. Anyways at this price point..... On with the review...

I'll cover 3 cons that bugs this set out of box.....

1)The actual product specs differed from the prototype a bit. The 1st major disappointment is the 2nd headsculpt. I got 2 identical headsculpts for this set... WTF?! One of the reasons I dragged this review was waiting for my toyshop to claim the actual headsculpt from retailer but it's been 2 weeks and still no avail sigh...

2)Next is the hands the 2 standard black gloved hands are ok but the other 3 interchangeable ungloved hands are a weird mix.
The 2 left hands are ok but the right hand is good for only one pose. "shhhh" pose lol.
The proto has him holding his MP 7 with the ungloved right but the one that came with the set cannot achieve that.

3)Lastly his right elbow double joint holder came without glue so Mr Miller's arm dropped off after I posed him for the 1st time..... Anyway a little bit of superglue should do the trick!

That's the 3 cons of this figure, now to the positive stuffs heehee

The headsculpt bears a strong resemblance to Mr Cruise and for a mass produced headsculpt it's top notch. Paint apps is also good.

The attire for the figure is also well made. A pair of blue jeans, a black leather belt, a white v neck t-shirt, grey over jacket and a pair of boots. Simple but effective.

The grey over jacket is made of a soft thin material with a Velcro beneath the zip line. The jacket is velcroed to give a zipped look but the zipper is not actually working.

The t-shirt and jeans are also finely tailored and the belt is also well made with a working buckle.

POAs of this figure is ok only but the joints of this figure came very loose out of the box so complex poses will require the assistance of a stand(which is not included)

Next we have the extra gears.

The star of this category is the iPhone. It's the best 1/6 scale iPhone i have ever seen. Detailed right down to the wording on the back.

The sunglasses is the typical opaque plastic type so nothing special there.

The black weapons bag is also nicely tailored with a working zipper.It comes with a sling for slinging across body and a carrier handle for hand carry On the inside it has 3 little pouches inside with working Velcro and another 2 Velcros for securing either the SL-9 or MP 7s. Another 2 on the other side would be perfect for securing the 2 MP 7s?  oh well...

The Weapons:

A pair of MP-7 as used by Mr Miller in the movie. These are well made with workable stock, forearm grip and removable magazines.

The SL-9 rifle frame is well sculpted and has a pair of working stands. It has also a working safety switch and removable magazine. The only bad thing is the scope is see through (wonder if they forgot to put the lens in?)

Overall impressions:
The figure looks good as a whole and the price point is a little above average. The QC is questionable but the outfit, gear and headsculpt is the redeeming factor in this case. My supplier offered a full refund as his entire shipment has the same issues but I decided to hold on to it as I've been looking for a good Cruise sculpt for some time(hopefully get the other headsculpt soon). I only recommend this to you if you're a big Cruise or 'Knight and Day' fan and are willing to overlook all the flaws of this set.
Well that's all for now till nest time....Have a Nice Day!!

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