Thursday, March 17, 2011

Hottoys MMS 138 Barney Ross Review 1

Hi guys I've been busy with work lately so haven't got the time to blog lately. Anyways I finally managed to squeeze some time to do this review that I've been wanting to do awhile.
This is the review of Hot Toys MMS 138 Barney Ross from one of my favorite movies of all time The Expendables.

It's a story with a simple plot but well executed. The cast of old school action actors add the feel of 'Old School' back into the action movies of today.

This review will be my biggest ever as Mr Ross has 3 outfits( including this awesome tattooed body) so I'll split the review into 2 or 3 parts.

First a little backstory for anyone who haven't watched it:
The story rotates around a mercenary named Barney Ross (Sylvester Stallone) who leads a group of elite mercenaries. After accepting a job in Vilena Ross and fellow member Christmas Lee(Jason Statham) went to Vilena to recon the island.

There they met their contact Sandra(daughter of their target General Garza: a fact which they didn't know then). They were compromised and decided to drop the mission but Sandra decided to stay.
Unable to get the thought of leaving Sandra behind, Ross meets former teammate Tool (Mickey Rourke) to vent his feelings of guilt. Tool makes a emotional confession to Ross about letting a woman commit suicide and how he felt that if he had saved her, he could've saved what was left of his soul, Ross decides to go back for Sandra. From then on the razzle dazzle begins.
I can go on and on about how much I love this movie but back to the review for now hee....

Ross comes in a classic slipcase which Hottoys used in a lot of their packagings. The slipcase cover of the box features the logo of the movie: a skull with guns and knives on each sides spaced out like a pair of wings. Simple and nice.

Back of the cover we have a picture of Stallone in black and white.
Internal box features a cut out skull with transparent plastic exposing the figure inside. The back features a black and white photo of Ross's back tattoo: a raven on top of a globe.(every member has this tattoo if I'm not mistaken, even their bikes and plane had it) another nice touch.
His head sculpt is top notch craftsmanship. As you can see I personally think this is the best Stallone sculpt in the market right now.
Out of the box Ross is wearing his black tac pants with all three handgun hostlers attached. He also has his faux leather belt and combat boots on.

If you want to pose him in his tac uniform, he's already half dressed.
Now the spotlight of this figure, the tattoos on his upperbody is solid. Unlike whiplash which I reviewed not so long ago, Ross's tattoos are fully colored.

The detail of his tattoos are very nicely done. It'll be a waste to hide all these underneath his clothing when displaying. Anyways at least we know what's underneath lol.
His left hand is his 'injured hand' as tool mentioned which was full of blood during one of their missions together.(my guess) but the half glove is sculpted and looks good with sculpted straps on the wrists.

The watch that Ross is wearing is also very detailed and I think is the best watch in my Collection .

More review of this great figure coming soon featuring his combat attire so stay tuned... Ciao for now folks!
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  1. Hi bro, this is LoneWolf of Sideshow Collectors forum. Thanks for sharing the review. I agree that this is an awesome figure, and one of the best in our respective collections! :-) Glad you also took notice of how detailed the watch was, thought I was the only one who admired it. Checking out your site now. :-)

  2. Thxs bro. will be posting part 2 soon stay tuned cheers

  3. hi..i already got my barney ross but how can i put the black tshirt and a tactical vest?i had some trouble on that..