Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Headplay Headsculpts: Jet Li, Chow Ren Fatt, John Travolta, Danny Trejo

I just got these 4 beauties at my favorite toyshop The Falcon's Hanger last weekend. Been debating whether to get these for some time now but when I saw the actual products my mind is set lol. Some of the pictures I've seen online simply don't do the real thing justice.

At a reasonable price range these are some of the best Head pieces out there now.

I got a Jet Li, Chow Ren Fatt, John Travolta and Danny Trejo headsculpt.

Sculpting and paint apps are very good.
The material used is also very good and seems durable.
I did a few simple bashes to see how they look when composed and the results are not bad!

So I took some quick shots with my iPhone to share with you guys!
(Please pardon the low quality pics lol)

Jet is on a HT slim body, Chow on a Soldier Story body, John on a normal HT body and Danny on a TTL body for the 1st outfit and a loose actionman body which I modified to fit HT heads with neck post.

The Expendables
Stay tuned for my Hottoys Barney Ross Review coming soon!
Till then....have a nice day!

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