Sunday, March 20, 2011

Hot Toys MMS 138 Barney Ross Review 2

Up today is part 2 of my Hot Toys MMS 138 Barney Ross review(You can view part 1 here). This time in his combat attire.
Getting Mr Ross into this attire is a bit challenging(mainly the tac-vest) but with a bit of patience you should have it made in no time.

When fully kitted up he looks awesome lol. On top of the out of the box figure i reviewed in part 1, we add a beret, combat goggles, black shirt, black tac-vest, combat knife with sheath, 1 revolver, 2 handguns, 2 ammo clips for handguns and an assault rifle.

The combat knife and sheath should be placed diagonally across his back according to the instruction sheet but i choose to have it upright so that i have some room for future expansions hee.

The black shirt when put on is good fitting but use caution around the tattoos areas as you don't want to damage them by accident.

He comes with a pair of sunglasses.(gives him the vintage Cobra look lol)

He comes with 2 neck chains. One with a cross and another with a dagger and a dogtag.
The paint job/details are very amazing as there are even engravings on the dogtag.

(you can click on the image to get a larger pic.)

His combat goggles are a nice addition also. It has a sliver/black frame with yellow lens.
It fits on the head nicely via a elastic strap.

One of the interchangeable right hand has a knife holding grip with does it's intented job very well.
It holds the combat knife tightly.
The shape of the beret is also pre-stitched so the shape holds very well and fits the head nicely.

All of his gun hostlers come with a strap for securing it's respective firearms.
The knife sheath also has a securing strap.

The articulations of this figure is a notch down from Hot Toys regular TrueTypes.
The upper body is missing the double joint elbows and sacrifices adomal/waist and neck articulation for a rubber torso and muscle arms for added realism.

A good trade off in this case. We can still pose the figure in a variety of poses but i would recommend you study the way the arms and body bends and it's range of movement before attempting 'extreme' poses.
From the waist down it's almost the same as a regular TrueType.

Firing from cover


Some double handed firepower

 I know some of you fellow collectors have a hard time with the tac vest so i'll break it down how i did it:

1.I undid the 2 shoulder Velcro and front buckles on the tac vest and unzip the zipper till the bottom where there's a stitch holding the zips together(do not break the stitch)
2.Remove both boots
3.try to overlap the legs like a walking pose or put them close to each other
4.slip the vest up from the bottom( you will encounter a bit of resistance around the hip/side hostlers area)
5.adjust the side hostlers if you have to.
6.mingle a little bit more through the belt area with the back hostler
7.once pass the belt area pull the zipper back up,velcro both shoulder pads and buckle back both buckle
8.velcro the knife sheath and place combat knife in

I did not follow Hottoys instruction of removing side straps as i fear i might damage them, hope my method is a helpful alternative for some of you guys out there :)

Barney and his box

I'll cover Barney in his civillian attire and all his gear in my next review so till then stay tuned!

Barney and Christmas


  1. he's awesome, and also nice review, ill order this figure by monday next week :)

  2. you won't regret this purchase!! Cheers

  3. Great review! They looked amazingly real.

  4. Thxs! Do check out my other reviews lol