Monday, September 12, 2011

Figma Ikkitousen Sonsaku Hakufu (Photo Fun)

I'm in the midst of re-making my toy room and as i reached my Figma shelves these 150mm figs still look as good as when i got them around 2 years ago. 
As i'm dusting off these cuties, a thought flew by and so here we are. I'll be sharing some pics of these awesome figures made by Max Factory.
I'll start with the 1st Figma of my collection, Sonsaku Hakufu from the anime Ikkitousen: Great Guardians.

I'm glad to say the material used to make this figure is very good.After being displayed on my shelf for 2 years plus, there's zero deterioration in the plastics,
the joints are still tight and good as new. the only damage this figure sustained is some red colour smudging from the skirt.

'I've been in this pose for TWO years!!!'
Hakufu is very poseable as there's not much restriction hindering her joints

The paint colours still look good also. So less talking on my part, enjoy the rest of the Photo Fun lol.

Awakened ...

That's all for now folks, i'll do a post for each of the other two Ikkitousen girls soon. Ciao for now, have a nice day!!

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