Tuesday, September 27, 2011

ACI Toys 1/6 Gladiator Flamma Review

I just got this piece in a few weeks ago after I saw the product in person. I never pre-ordered as this is my first ACI Toys figure. How did it turn out?
Let's find out...

The packaging is straight forward and simple: a slip case over another box with a clear plastic sheet in front displaying the figure inside.

Behind the slipcase is a description of Flamma and the stuff included in the set. There's also a few pics with various poses of the figure.

Out of the box everything can be removed easily from the casing. The figure is tied down with 3 twisties.

Out of the box the figure is already geared up, less the sword, shield and helmet.

The Sculpt: the head sculpt is ok in my opinion, he spots a determined/serious expression. The battle scars on this head sculpt also gives a hint the history of battles he endured so far. The veins adds even more realism.

This muscle body "Andrew" is quite well made by my standards.
It's sturdy built and gives a great sense of durability. The sculpting is great with veins and the realistic skin tone further emphasizes the level of detail.

His right arm armor is made of thin plastic material and the metallic colour finishing is nice.

The leg armors is also beautifully sculpted and colored.

Accessories: Flamma comes with a cloak, large shield, a sword, a helmet and 3 pair of inter-changeable hands.

The Helmet:

This is the my main 'attraction' to this figure, it's beautifully sculpted with removable left and right faceplate.

The details on this helmet is great and the two long feathers on top is also made with a material resembling real feathers.

The helmet fits the head perfectly, not too tight and not too loose.

Here's 2 comparison pictures with the left face plate on / removed. The proportion is also spot on.

The Shield :

The shield is huge. The front is simply designed and red coloured.

The back of the shield is where this piece shines. The sculpt work and colour finishing makes it look like a replica of wood with steel enforcement. Top notch work here.

The Cloak :

The cloak is one big piece of black soft fabric with 2 strings below the hood to tie together.
With the hood on Flamma looks like a sith lord lol.

Time to gear up...

With the accessories provided you can gear up in any combination and he still looks great lol.


The pose ability of this figure is not bad. The legs are definitely stronger than Hottoy's offerings. The joints are tight and can hold poses well. I only don't like the clicking sound made by the joints at the shoulder area.
Other than that I'm very satisfied with the articulations of this figure.

Final Impressions: This is a great figure set at a great price. The quality is top notch and i would recommend it to you if you like these ancient warriors. Hope this little review helped you guys lol.
Anyway till next time, Ciao for now...
Have a nice day!! Cheers!


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