Sunday, February 6, 2011

Hot Toys MMS 112 1/6 Kamui Review

Hi guys, i'm back again today with another review, this time it's Hottoys MMS 112 Kamui from the movie Kamui Gaiden. The movie is based off a manga of the same name. Got this figure a while back after i watched the dvd. but just opened it yesterday and so here's the review.
First a little back story for those who don't know this awesome/cool fugitive ninja.
Kamui is a ninja in search of freedom on the run from the ninja world bound by cruel rules. He is not allowed to take the secret of their clan to the outside world and the rules stand: if you are born as Ninja, you must die as Ninja. This brings him to constantly fight for survival against other Ninjas who hunts and tries to kill him .He knows no trust nor love. Showing the slightest weakness will lead  to immediate death.
While on the run, an incident brings him to an old fisherman's village, where he meets another fugitive ninja he used to hunt years ago. There he finally learns to trust and show affection towards the other villagers.
However, his pursuers are plotting and setting up a death trap for Kamui...

Packaging is a standard Hottoys flip open box with magnets on one side.
Upon opening, the contents can be seen clearly through the clear display. No twisty ties are used in this packaging so you can take out/ put back this figure with ease.

Note: short sword with scabbard & travelling sack is attached to kamui in this picture
Out of the box you get a load of cool accessories: 1 short sword with scabbard, 1 long sword with scabbard, 2 kunais, 2 knuckle punchers, 2 extra pair of interchangeable hands, 1 travelling sack, 2 sea shells and a display stand with Kamui's name printed in katagana.

The likeliness of the head sculpt is unbelievable, it portrays the actor for Kamui Kenichi  Matsuyama well. Kenichi is best known for his role as detective L in all 3 live action movies of DEATH NOTE.
Does he look like Mr Matsuyama?  You bet!!
The head features a double neck joint.
He also spots a pony tail which can be articulated slightly.(can be seen in following pics)

The outfit of this figure is very well done. Hottoys spared no details. The clothes is body fit and spares no excess baggage.
The back of his belt has a loop which can hold the short sword scabbard tightly. The arm/leg guards are made of fake leather which also looks good in execution.

side view

 His sandals are sculpted and they look spot on as well.

There's a small coin/accessory bag also.A nice addition :)

When Kamui was found in the fisherman village, he met Sugaru (a fugitive ninja Kamui hunted years ago whom he thought was dead).Sugaru had settled down in the village and was married to the fisherman who saved her when she was washed ashore. Kamui's pursuers poisoned the entire village to get to Kamui's head.
The long sword belonged to Sugaru who also died in the poisoning.

In the movie, Sugaru's eldest daughter Sayaka falls for Kamui. She collected a sea shell with 2 halves:- 1 white shell she called moon shell and 1 orange shell called sun shell. She gave the sun shell to Kamui and tells Kamui:" If we each keep a half of the whole shell, no matter where you go we will always be together".
However tragedy strikes as Sayaka is also killed in the village poisoning...

Another cool accessory that came with this awesome figure are his knuckle punchers. These fit easily to his pair of clenched fists and look good in execution.

The 2 Kunais are also a great addition to this set (after all whats a ninja with no throwing knives lol)
and they fit into the gripping hands perfectly.

Kunais ready to throw
Next is my favourite section , the Articulations. Now this figure has it all, well almost anyways. Since he does not have any sculpting/armor restrictions, he spots almost all 38 POAs of a Hottoys truetype narrow shoulder body.

Other than the area around the chest and waist areas which are hindered slightly by his clothing, he can assume almost any pose you want to recreate from the movie, you just need to spend some time understanding/figuring out the range of all the joints and you're good to go.

Overall i'm very happy and impressed by this figure. He is very underrated in my opinion.The amount of accessories that comes with this figure is good enough to rival a DX release. Great head sculpt, articulations, accessories and low price point what more can a collector ask for? If you're in to ninjas or love the movie( go watch it if you haven't) this figure is a must!!
Till next time, i leave you with some more fun shots i had with this figure....Ciao!!

Future Counterpart Brother lol

Kamui secret arts #1: The Mirage Mist Kill

Kamui secret arts #2: The Izuna Drop



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  2. Thxs bro, glad you enjoyed the review. stay tuned for more lol