Thursday, February 21, 2013

S.H.Figuarts Kamen Rider Decade [Violent Emotion] Review

Howdy folks! Today i'll be pumping out my first ever Bandai S.H.Figuarts & Kamenrider (Shf & KR in short) review.
I've been collecting KR S.I.Cs for quite a while now but recently started to get into the Shf line.
And to kick things off let's start off with one of my favourites in recent years Kamen Rider Decade!

KR Decade is the tenth rider of the Heisei Rider series and he sports one of the most unique colour blend of pink, black & white. He also has sliver on his belt/driver/card holder/sword & has green visors.
Let's get on with the review!

Front of the box is black with a picture of KR Decade in grey and his name in pink.
One thing good about Shf is that they sport one of the most consistent and compact packagings for figures of this scale. The accessories are packed nicely and snug inside the plastic tray in the box.

Back of the box shows various poses for KR Decade and his accessories.

Here's all his accessories in a glance. His gun, alternate (fury state) head, sword and 7 additional interchangeable hands. The card holder on his waist is also removable.

Head sculpt is very beautiful and paint apps is very good for a sculpt so small.

Here's the alternate head. Not much of difference except the lens on his forehead is purple instead of yellow and the edge of his visors being deformed/jagged.
I'll be using the normal head for majority of this review.

Here's the sides, mine has a bit of silver paint bleeding on his left side

Proportions is quite good on this figure except the waist which seems a bit too small.Other than that everything seems fine to me. He's mainly made of plastic except his feet are made of die cast metal.
Overall paint apps is also great.
Some people argue that his pink is not screen accurate but that's up to each individual in my opinion.
What do you think?

Here's a pic of his back...

Decade Driver has no logos of the other riders. Other than that it's spot on.

Card holder which KR Decade stores all his cards(sadly no cards are included)

Next we'll cover his weapons and poseability

His card holder can be transformed into his gun/sword.

Here's a few poses with his gun.

Note that no stands were included with this figure.

Next we have his sword

Joints are very snug and can hold poses very well.

Notice the black swivel on his right hips(left side has the same thing) area just below the belt?
That's a downer as it would have been great if it's made of pink plastic or painted pink.
(but that's just me nitpicking lol)

Since it's a Violent Emotion edition, let's have 3 pics on fury state

Last but not least.....
What's a KR without a Rider Kick? :P

Final impressions?
This is a very solid release in the Shf KR line. With a good price entry point, alternate head/hands and 2 weapons, i recommend this figure to you if you're a Heisei KR/Decade fan. Other than the few nitpicks i pointed out (especially no stand  included) This is the best KR Decade out there now in terms of poseability and details.
Till next time, scroll down for more pics.Ciao for now!!